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Art Radar: 10.22.09


Art Radar - Robots and Monsters

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - Robots and Monsters - Vancouver, B.C.

Robots and Monsters

Opening Reception: October 23rd, 2009, 7pm-11pm.

Live Music: Humans

Address: Ayden Gallery – 88 West Pender Street 2nd floor
International Village(Tinseltown)
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6B 6N9

Exhibit Dates: October 23rd – November 22nd

Art Radar - 10.22.09

Art Radar - Night of the Undead 2 - 10.22.09


Address: 1086 South Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90019

Exhibit Date: October 24th, 2009. 7PM-12AM

Music by: DJ Keith Morris from Black Flag and Circle Jerks with guest DJ Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides

Event info: Cash prizes and giveaways for the best 80’s costumes. Judges include actress Scout Taylor Compton from Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”.

100 free “The Totally Bitchin’ Night of the Undead 2” event t-shirts.

Open bar and food.


For more information please visit: Exhibit A Gallery

Art Radar - 10.22.09

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - Light in the Darkness - Seattle WA

EGO “Light in the Darkness” – Solo exhibit

Address: FLATCOLOR 528 1st Avenue South Seattle WA, 98104

Exhibit Dates: October 1st 2009 – October 31st 2009

This exhibit actually ends soon! I totally forgot to go through my pile of club event/art show fliers last week’s post. Better late than never, what I really enjoy about this particular exhibit by EGO is the color usage. The contrast between the light colors used to paint something that would be considered dark. The show is properly named “Light in the Darkness” and from what I know, most paintings are sold! However, this shouldn’t stop you from going to see the paintings live and in person.

Visit EGO’s blog at:

Visit EGO’s Deviantart at:

Art Radar - 10.22.09

Art Radar - 10.22.09 -Andrew Brandou - Culver City CA

Corey Helford Gallery Prsents: Andrew Brandou “In the Garden of Mystic”

Opening Reception: October 31st

Address: Corey Helford Gallery – 8522 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232

Opening on Halloween night, Los Angeles artist Andrew Brandou unveils his second solo show at Corey Helford Gallert entitled “In The Garden of The Mystic”. Influenced by 1960’s posters, music and psychedelia, Brandou’s new work takes a walk on the wild side and a more organic narrative ensues. The artist’s iconic flower motifs, skulls, bunnies and boxes transform into a kaleidoscope of stunning psychonautic imagery. Ornate gold leaf accents decorate mind-expanding dreamscapes where the ego merges into the id, fear is released and beauty resides. The exhibition will also include a rare series of limited-edition silkscreens on wood block based on vintage rock posters. Open to the public, the reception for “In The Garden of The Mystic” takes place on Saturday, October 31st , and the show will be on view until November 18, 2009.

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - SAM3 Book

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - SAM3 Book

SAM3 is debuting his new book! This book contains a selection of murals and sketches. This hardcover must-have contains 24 drawings printed on recycled paper and 126 pages of murals! Please enjoy this video clip:

EXSITU INSITU from sam3 on Vimeo.

To purchase please visit: Studiocromie

SAM3’s very cool blog:

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - SAM3 Book

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - SAM3 Book

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - ABOVE

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - ABOVE

Stencil artist Above has gone on a little trip to Paris, France and has left quite the mark behind him.  “Arrow Kite”  is probably in my top 5 of his works.  If you are interested, hit up his Vimeo account and watch some of those vids.

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - Above

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - Above

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - Above

Art Radar - 10.22.09 - Above

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