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World Premiere: Rocky Rivera “MRSHMLO”

World Premiere: Rocky Rivera "MRSHMLO"

World Premiere: Rocky Rivera "MRSHMLO"

Our music editor, M.I.S.S. Krish aka EyeASage, has been hard at work on her upcoming album Rocky Rivera and today she officially dropped her highly-anticipated music video “MRSHMLO”!

This is the only place to get exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from another M.I.S.S. affiliate, our girl, Amanda Lopez!

Check out the video below, drop your comments and stay tuned this week and next for never-before-seen footage from the shoot.  Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “World Premiere: Rocky Rivera “MRSHMLO””

  1. margaret says:

    SO GOOD! love those shadeees

  2. Rachel T. rachie says:

    STYLING IS ON POINTT!!! you all look to hot lovee it!

  3. Celine says:


  4. artiffact artiffact says:

    hella freshhhhh! Rocky Rivera as in “Gangter of Love”?

  5. Nicole says:

    She’s ILL!

    Love the Coco Knocker Earrings & is she rockin A-Morir by Kerin Rose?

  6. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    she pulled out the grill! congrats on the video lady 😉

  7. TerryLynn says:

    Those glasses are dope! they look like the ones made by her favorite


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