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Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

Women Making History

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

For those who have recently joined the internets (welcome!), please read the Sarah Morrison official bio below, to understand why she’s kinduvabig deal:

Sarah Morrison is a writer, internet personality, and marketing genius. She was the editor of Missbehavemag.com, up until the magazine’s recent demise. She has written a weekly column called Best Week Ever on Yobeat.com for a number of years, detailing her hilarious day to day life. Her writing has been published in Missbehave Magazine and Vapors Magazine. She has also created and managed lifestyle blogs for both Urban Outfitters and Volcom Girl’s Clothing. She currently writes for the Married to the MOB lifestyle blog Mobliving.com.

Sarah has worked on online marketing and branding projects with a variety of clients including; XBox, Cafe Habana and Habana Outpost (NYC), Cinespace Restaurant and Lounge (LA), Bacardi B-live, Volcom Clothing, Urban Outfitters, Nikita clothing, and many others.

She is known to throw amazing parties, when so inclined. Past events have included; Cinespace Tuesdays with Dim Mak records, Hush Hush; a monthly LA dance party, the Camel (cigarettes) No.9 Los Angeles Launch Event, among others. She has also thrown an alarming amount of afterparties at CMJ, Coachella, SXSW, and TKTK other musical festivals.

Sarah recently left New York to return to Los Angeles. She spends her free time in a bikini: Twittering, watching television, and leaving really long voicemail messages. She is really funny and SUPER pretty. Last time she checked she had 31,599 Myspace friends.

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison: MissBehavin'

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison's Lazy Girl Power spread straight from the pages MissBehave Mag.

Now, want to know what was Sarah doing when she wasn’t in the middle of building an amazing résumé? Well, before make-up tutorials started invading Youtube, Sarah Morrison kinda ruled the site. For those not familiar, below is a message from Sarah regarding her Youtube videos:

I used to be big on Youtube. I used to do these videos where I discussed something funny and pretended it confused me. They are all the ones titled “Sarah Morrison on __________.” They were pretty entertaining. The newer stuff is just dumb shit at Missbehave and stuff with my friends and what not.

Here’s the link to my Youtube videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/sarahmorrisonvideos

…and here are some other recent videos:

Here I go on a Blind Date with Brooke’s intern. It’s pretty funny.

Nick and Sarah go on a Date from YoBeat Magazine on Vimeo.

I read these funny Kids’ books.

Before you dive into those videos and find yourself in the middle of a Sarah Morrison Marathon 3 hours later, dip into the M.I.S.S. survey she filled out below:

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison tackles the M.I.S.S. survey.

M.I.S.S.: What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

Wendy Williams, Tiny Fey, Kathy Griffin, and Oprah obvi. I wanted to add someone attractive to this list but couldn’t think of any one admirable AND attractive, which is interesting in itself.

M.I.S.S.: How did you get your start?

I started “blogging” back in the Myspace days. I used to write a blog called “Sarah Morrison‘s Best Week Ever.” I would write down all the funny hilarious things that happened in my week, quotes that my friends said, and such. At the end of the week I compiled them in short bullet point format and posted 10 to 20 of them for people to enjoy. I was born funny. But I was unaware that I was funny in print, until I attempted it. People liked it. I wrote about working retail, then throwing parties, then the girls at Missbehave. It evolved as my life evolved. I got known well enough blogging to pursue a legitimate writing career, which I had never planned on. But I did. And I love my life.

I stopped doing Best Week Ever when the website I wrote it for was short on cash due to this whole “economy” thing. I now basically do it all day long on Twitter. So that worked out well.

M.I.S.S. What’s your favorite piece of work that you’ve created?

My Twitter account. I feel like Twitter is my calling. Wish that was a career path. OH WELL.

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

Sarah & a glance into her office.

M.I.S.S. Who do you want to work with, dress, make music with, etc?

I would drop everything to be Wendy William’s intern (in theory). I’d like to meet Kathy Griffin. i really want to try doing stand-up but I am scarid :( Plus, I am kinda cute and I heard you are sposed to be unattractive to be a female comedian. I would die if Tina Fey called me and was LIKE “you are almost as funny as me, let’s make Youtube videos together or pitch fake TV show ideas” or something. On a more attainable level, I can’t think of anyone :(

M.I.S.S. What part of your work process is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

The haters. I really try to not let it get to me. But, it’s really hard. I am a smart girl. And generally the people who hate me, aren’t. They think I’m serious. They don’t understand sarcasm and humor. And so they assume I am serious/stupid and opt to suggest things like me killing myself, which is always good for the self-esteem. But, coming with a disclaimer “I am kidding” sort of ruins the whole thing.

M.I.S.S. Any advice for ladies who are just starting out in a career path similar to yours?

Be yourself. Be original. Do something no one else is doing. Don’t fake it. Be OK with being smart. Don’t be scared. Write till your lil heart bleeds. And keep writing. And don’t worry about blog comments and traffic. Be the best you you can be. People are drawn to honesty and authenticity.

M.I.S.S. thanks you, Sarah!

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

Sarah views the world through heart-shaped eyes.

Still not convinced that Sarah Morrison’s a big deal? Check out the link action below:

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7 Responses to “Women Making History: Sarah Morrison”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    Sarah Morrison’s tweets are the reason behind an estimate 89.2% of my daily laughs. She is pretty awesome.

  2. Valerie Valerie says:

    I agree with Gee. Sarah Morrison’s tweets are hilarious! :)

  3. Crystal says:

    I love Sarah Morrison. She’s funny, pretty and smart. I’m only 16 and I want to be like her when I grow up. I just love her writing and her Twitter as well. I think she should do more interviews like these because then I feel like I know her better. It gives a face to her writing and her Youtube videos give a voice to her writing as well. I think she should write a book.

    P.S. I ♥ Sarah Morrison

  4. Mari Salinas says:

    This is a good read! I have to find Sarah on Twitter :)

  5. Isaura says:

    yoo this girl is the shit!!!

  6. I love Sarah too! She’s super duper hilarious & she’s sober!

  7. shay says:

    I love her! she’s wacky and so am I ! And i get it .. she’s the best! I think more people should knwo her .. I’m constantly quoting her and telling my friends they need to read her blogs! Go sarah!


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