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VH1 Divas 2009

VH1 Divas 2009

VH1 Divas 2009

In case you missed, VH1 honored a new class of Divas Thursday night. Jordin Sparks, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, and Adele performed to a packed house at the Academy of Music in New York City. Lots of American Idol love, Paula must be proud.

Sweet Adele looking classy & stunning...

Adele looking classy & stunning, performed to a packed house at the Academy of Music in NYC.

Paula Abdul performed a montage of her hits to open the show. I was nervous for Paula, but she did alright, in fact, she looked great dancing around that set. Paula hosted as well. The evening was all about performance and duets. Jennifer Hudson was the first Diva to peform, showing off her svelte post baby bod. Kelly Clarkson followed with another ballad. Sweet Adele, her performance left me wanting more. Jordin Sparks was forgettable. Then there was Miley.

VH1 Divas 2009

Miley Cyrus in the black dress, fishnets, and stellar heels on the red carpet...

Miley Cyrus in the black dress, fishnets, and stellar heels on the red carpet was stunning. A bit revealing, but I’ve seen prom dresses worse. Miley can hit that mark just right sometimes, and then *boom* she hits the stage. Girl, when you put that on, couldn’t you tell it was ugly?  The size of that bow in the back of her dress looked like she strapped on a parachute and she was about to jump out of a plane. 1 out of 2, eh.

VH1 Divas 2009

Jennifer Hudson & Jordin Sparks at VH1 Divas 2009...making Paula proud.

In addition to the Divas, the night played host to some great duets. India.Arie sang with Adele, Stevie Wonder performed with Jennifer Hudson, Cyndi Lauper did a great rendition of “True Colors” with Leona Lewis, Martina McBride and Jordin Sparks performed, Sheryl Crow sang with Miley, Melissa Etheridge and Kelly Clarkson closed the show.

Lauren Conrad dazzled in a green Alice and Oliva sparkler.

Lauren Conrad dazzled in a green Alice and Oliva sparkler.


Sheryl Crow donned a Dolce Gabbana dress with Neil Lane costume jewelry. Whitney Port arrived in a gauzy La Perla dress and Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Lauren Conrad dazzled in a green Alice and Oliva sparkler, personal pick of best dressed of the evening.

VH1 Divas 2009

VH1 Divas 2009: Leona Lewis' makeup artist gets high fives!


Keri Hilson finally won me over with an outfit.

Nene from the ATL Real Housewives introducing Adele, sure Kim from ATL and Bethany Frankel from NYC were there, but Nene reigns supreme in Housewive Land.

Leona Lewis’ makeup artist gets high fives for choosing just the right palette to make Leona look dynamite.

Miley’s face when she saw “the fat lady” in the balcony at the end of the show.

Girl Power y’all.

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2 Responses to “VH1 Divas 2009”

  1. Drea says:

    Oh my poor Jennifer….who told her that looked good??? they need to be kicked in the head. Clearly she just had a baby and needed a flowing dress not something tight and ill-fitting. Still love her! just not the dress :-(

  2. Taranda says:

    These young ladies have not quite met Diva standards yet. Give them a few more decades and a lot more hits, and then you can call them divas. Unless you change the name to pre-divas.


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