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Photo Of The Week: Krish by Amanda Lopez

Krish by Amanda Lopez

Krish by Amanda Lopez

Where did you take the photo?

This photo was taken on location in Oakland during the making of the MRSHMLO video shoot

What were you thinking before you took the photo?

Our homeboy Eloy hooked us up and brought his lowrider through to the video shoot so i was excited to get some time to photograph Krish in the car.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

We literally only had two minutes to shoot a few frames before we lost the light so i was grateful that we got what we did.

What’s interesting about this photo to you?

I like this photo because the light was nice and soft and also because you can see Krish’s whole outfit. She had great clothes and accessories for the video and i like that you can see that in this shot. Check out that amazing necklace/earrings shes rocking. I want. So cute.

What camera did you use?

the trusty Contaxt T3

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One Response to “Photo Of The Week: Krish by Amanda Lopez”

  1. Nicole says:

    Krish is ILL! Saw her vid on M.I.S.S a week or two ago.

    Loved all of her accessories & her style in general. Saw her rockin A-Morir real well.

    She reminds me of Yoshi from Fatlace. haha.


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