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M.I.S.S. TV: Nola Darling at SOBs in New York

Nola Darling Interview & Concert Footage

Nola Darling Interview & Concert Footage

Two weeks ago, the ladies (and two fellows) of M.I.S.S. headed out to SOBs in Manhattan to peep performances from up-and-comers Nola Darling and dancehall turned DJ vets Nina Sky. We were lucky enough to sit down with the ladies of both groups and get their insights on everything from making it as a female in the world of hip-hop to why Subway sandwiches rule.

First up, Nola Darling. We brought you the scoop on these MCs back in June and were able to sit them down for a quick interview in their dressing room before the show. I think it goes without saying that they are awesome. Extremely awesome. Watch the episode of M.I.S.S TV below to find out why, and stay tuned next week for our episode featuring Nina Sky!

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