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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Vivienne Tam and HP Set to Deliver A New “Digital Clutch” in 2010

Vivienne Tam's Digital Clutch is Back

Vivienne Tam's Digital Clutch is Back

Vivienne Tam and HP are back at it again.  After dropping the world’s first “digital clutch” (read: designer netbook) into the open arms of fashionistas everywhere earlier this year, the world renowned fashion designer unveiled the 2010 version on the catwalk at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park.  Once again eschewing the traditional black or gray color palettes of most HP computers, the new “digital clutch” features an original butterfly design on a champagne gold background.  The butterflies symbolize love, freedom, independence and transformation and are based on the story “Butterfly Lovers”, the Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet by Martha Huang.  Tam’s vision is to bring life, color and personality to the computer world (Lord  know it needs it), much like she does to the fashion world.

Just like the previous model, Tam designed this version at the same time as her Spring 2010 collection and plans to continue launching a matching digital clutch with each new collection.  No word on specs or exact availability (other than this Spring), but if it’s anything like the last “digital clutch” it’ll probably cost a small fortune as far as netbooks go.

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