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Super at Project 16

SUPER by RetroSuperFuture is an Italian sunglasses brand best known for it’s modern styles and acetate frames. While the styles may be similar to the beloved Wayfarers, Super takes it to another level with tortuoise-shell like patterns, fun colors, and high quality ZEISS lenses to better protect your precious eyes. Yup, this ain’t your daddy’s Raybans.

Super presented their 2010 Summer Safari Collection at Project, which included what looked like slimmer versions of their “Classics” and “Lucianos” as well as a completely new shape with perfectly circular lenses that are semi-rimless. Also with the semi-rimless treatment are the Super’s popular “Flat Tops.”

Besides new shapes, Super came out with new colors and patterns for even more variety in their already rainbow-like collection. There’s a new a caramel marble-like pattern, more tortoise-shell patterns but in new color ways, and textured frames. The new collection has that vintage feel to it that Super has been steady to implement in it’s previous style but with that necessary touch of modernity that makes the brand shades so easy to pair with current fashion.

Super by RetroSuperFuture at Project, new semi-rimless circular shape

Super by RetroSuperFuture at Project, new semi-rimless circular shape

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