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M.I.S.S. PROJECT: Puma’s Urban Mobility Collection

Puma Urban Mobility

Puma Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility – the newest sub collection for Puma, is designed around ease and comfort whilst traveling. The collection offers wrinkle free apparel and slip on footwear for ease of going through airport security.

The new collection, designed by Hussein Chalayan, offers an innovative approach to what can be referred to as ‘fashion sportswear’.

The women’s side of things feature wedge heels, made from suede and leather, elastic bound sneakers and heels, and a pair of satin finished high top sneakers with Velcro straps.

For the men, sneakers with a foldable back were shown, laced up with thick elastic – a fuss free way to wear shoes – perfect for someone like me who despises lacing shoes, haha!

The apparel side of things offers pieces made with detachable pocketed compartments, using low maintenance, high quality fabrics used to minimise preparation times. Most of the line is featured in black, which will prove easy to factor into your everyday wardrobe.

For more information on Puma’s Urban Mobility collection check out the Puma website.

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