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M.I.S.S. PROJECT: Linda Farrow at NYFW

Linda Farrow's upcoming line of sunglasses

Linda Farrow's upcoming line of sunglasses by Alexander Wang

Linda Farrow showcased her Spring 2010 line of eyewear at Project in Las Vegas – and this week you can see some of the styles featured here on the runway during Mercedes Benz New York Fasion Week.

Linda Farrow has been doing her effortlessly glamorous thing i.e. delivering gorgeous sunglasses under the umbrella of her eyewear label since the 1970s. Sunglasses became popularized in the 1930’s as celebs hid their identity behind dark shades from the unforgiving lenses of the paparazzi…with Linda Farrow, you’re going to want to immortalize every moment you spend looking your best. Yes, spring 2010 is a stand-out season, and, based on these images, your shades will be center piece.

Linda Farrow has some sick glasses that will have you wishing the sun were always blazing, if you weren’t already doing so! Not to name drop, her shades have been seen on the likes of Kate Moss, Kanye West, Madonna, among many others who have an avant-garde taste for eye wear. All those who haven’t yet had  the privilege to do so don’t necessarily fall into the “out of touch” category, mind you, it just means that they have settled thus far for the collection images that have graced the pages of magazines such as Teen Vogue, Nylon, to name a few. But, it’s never too late, to start a good thing.

Also, Farrow  collaborated with designer Alexander Wang to create such magic as vintage inspired wayfarer sunglasses (a M.I.S.S favorite) with zipper detailing along the front and side. Black is the predominant color in this collaboration whose edge factor and rock & roll essence has clearly reached phenomenal heights.

Linda Farrow's upcoming line of shades

Linda Farrow's upcoming line of shades by Giles Deacon

In the 1990s, emerged a clothing line called Wild and Lethal Trash created by Walter Van Beirdendonck. Luckily for the general public, he put his stamp on the Linda Farrow’s spring ’10 line as well. This collaboration birthed the goggle lenses and shades that appear as if you can pull the shades right off the top (see below in the gallery).

The fashion fairy at Linda Farrow foresees small round frames for men a la Lisa Bonet during her Cosby days, and for women, big square and wayfarer variations! Big things poppin’ indeed.

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. PROJECT: Linda Farrow at NYFW”

  1. Xavier says:

    Would like to know please where I might find the Black Round Sunglasses with a black flap!? by Alexander Wang, Linda Farrow collaboration with Walter Van Beirdendonck! Thank you! Xavier!!

  2. Sylvie says:

    Those round glasses with the flaps are Linda Farrow X Jeremy Scott, not WVB – they’ve made a mistake on that.
    You can get them here


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