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M.I.S.S. PROJECT: Hellz Bellz x Reebok

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When M.I.S.S. first heard about a Hellz Bellz and Reebok collaboration in the works at Project in 2008, anticipation has continually been brewing. Fortunately, Lanie  is never one to leave the ladies hangin’. The wait for a sneak peak wasn’t so bad because of the many dope collection drops (“Style Warriors,” “Kicks After Six,” “So Lolita,” and others) and the collaborations with Stussy, Nooka, and Miss Wax.  I only need three words to describe the current status of Hellz and that’s “the best yet” but now that shoes are in the mix, things are even better!

Hellz Bellz x Reebok TopDown Sneakers

Hellz Bellz x Reebok TopDown Sneakers

So, feast your eyes on the black leather beauties. The sneakers are in the slim Reebok “Top Down” style, a favorite among sneaker fiends who prefer less bulk in their shoe. The perforated black leather upper is contrasted by bright yellow laces, white stripe appliques on the side, white rubber outsoles, and an ankle collar that boldly reads REEBOK on one shoe and HELLZ on the other.

The versatile sneaker has an ankle collar that you can fold down to show off the black and white half-tone print inside. Last but not least and in true Hellz Bellz style, the black leather band that crosses the white stripes feature two rows of black studs, a touch of black-on-black and edge to remind others that this ain’t your average girly sneaker.

The wait for a sneak preview may be over but now begins the wait for the drop. Expect to see the Hellz Bellz x Reebok TopDowns for Holiday 2009.

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. PROJECT: Hellz Bellz x Reebok”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    The shoe is called “Ladies First”– more proof that Hellz and I are meant to be :) So in love with this kick it’s ridiculous!!!

  2. Nicole says:


    Hopefully they’ll be availabe at retail stores nationwide. I have to have these!



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