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M.I.S.S. POOL TRADESHOW: Modern Lovers Spring 2010

Modern Lovers

Modern Lovers

We featured Ellen N. and her line Modern Lovers back in February at the last Pool show, and she was recently back in the Pool circuit with her Spring 2010 line. The themes of her t-shirts manifest surrealist & punk rock influences and include such titles as Strange Life, Always Forever, No Regrets, and Typical Boys. The Strange Life idea is supported by Ellen’s statement: “Let’s hope life never gets boring, because so far this Strange Life has got a hold on us.” She also couples the Typical Boys shirt with the slogan: “Only men fall in love, and all men are boys….Typical Boys.” She hit the nail on the head with that last nugget of truth!

The originality of the pieces is apparent…especially since Ms. Ellen MAKES her own blanks (meaning, they are not pre-bought blanks, like some graphic tees we have seen that are on American Apparel shirts). This Ellen does all of the illustrations herself on the tees, and the tees are also available for purchase in plain form, without the illustrations. In this line, Modern Lovers uses Custom Bodies, and focuses on celebrating individuality through fashion. Our favorite looks in the line include the asymmetrical tank and the Tuxedo tank. Check out Modern Lovers online and get with the times!

Also: Be on the lookout for the Modern Lovers Jewelry line….which Ellen is wearing in her picture!

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  1. Barbara says:

    I would like to have one of these Ts…


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