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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Sharpie & Betsey Johnson

Sharpie & Betsey Johnson at NYFW

Sharpie & Betsey Johnson at NYFW

Anyone familiar with Betsey Johnson‘s signature illustrations knows that she is a Sharpie user so it came as no surprise that BJ and Sharpie joined forces for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  The tents at Bryant Park housed the Sharpie Bar where one could accessorize ties, sunglasses, bangle bracelets and more – all with a rainbow assortment of Sharpies.  To celebrate the occasion, Betsey Johnson also designed a BJ/Sharpie t-shirt that was distributed at the Sharpie Bar.

Not only is Betsey Johnson a M.I.S.S. favorite fashion designer, she’s a Breast Cancer survivor.  Since Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming up, Sharpie is donating the proceeds to City of Hope Cancer Research Center.  Betsey Johnson herself stopped by the Sharpie Bar to customize one of the t-shirts she designed.  The customized tee is going to be auctioned off to benefit the City of Hope cancer research center as well.   It was surreal seeing Betsey draw the figures and icons she’s known for, right before our eyes.  We even had a chance to meet Betsey Johnson and she couldn’t get over the story we did on her a while back (thank you Randi!).    Check out the photos and the video below…

Sharpie & Betsey Johnson at NYFW

Sharpie & Betsey Johnson at NYFW


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4 Responses to “M.I.S.S. NYFW: Sharpie & Betsey Johnson”

  1. J.E. says:

    Pretty darn cool. She is so talented.

  2. you didn’t include the picture of you with your badge signed!

  3. Gee Gee says:

    Wow, SO proud of M.I.S.S Crew for accomplishing this!! You can’t get much better than getting an exuberant shout-out from a design legend!

  4. margaret says:

    Ummmm WOW look how excited she was to meet you G!!! MISSxBJ!!!


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