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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Nanette Lepore Spring 2010

Nanette Lepore at New York Fashion Week

Nanette Lepore at New York Fashion Week

A box of crayons doesn’t have as many colors as Nanette Lepore’s Spring 2010 collection.  A bright and bold palette dominated the 28 looks showcased at New York Fashion Week, but Lepore made sure to give the neutral tones some love for an interesting contrast.  Colors weren’t the only contrast to be found in the collection, as patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes mixed together for an interesting twist to Lepore’s masterpieces for this upcoming season.

Think hot pink, electric blue, and even outrageous orange.  From head to toe, models donned bold hues, whether it was a lemon yellow belted dress or a pop of pink under a teal vest.  For the more neutral pieces, leather peep-toe booties or strappy sandals really took center stage, but for the more intense attire, the contrasting shoes complimented the colors.  There was no need for heavy accessories, as blue-rimmed eyes and coral cheeks completed the looks.

Some of the patterns seemed to have been inspired from modern art, as one print resembled Jackson Pollock’s work, a floral featured Fauvist-style brushstrokes, and a teardrop psychedelic pattern was reminiscent of op art from the 1960s.  Striped knits of different colors and widths contrasted the busy prints.  A favorite piece was the one-shouldered striped dress, a simple design and pattern complicated in the most magnificent way with vivid appliqués on the shoulder.

To offset the bold colors and patterns, silhouettes were light and flirtatious.  Flowing dresses with just a hint of ruffle bounced down the runway, some silhouettes showing a shot of color with each sashay.  Just seeing the movement in the dresses makes me imagine a flounce through a field of flowers!

If you’re not afraid of color, Nanette Lepore’s will have that eye-catching piece that you need to pick you up from the winter blues.  The collection has so many pieces that can go anywhere from the block to the Bahamas and back again.  But if you tend to keep your colors constrained, a little flash will never hurt.  There’s never anything wrong with using all the colors in the pack, even if it’s just a scribble.


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