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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Alexander Berardi Spring/Summer 2010

This orange dress is a M.I.S.S. fave

This orange dress is a M.I.S.S. fave

M.I.S.S. Gee and I were first in line for the Alex Berardi show at the Altman Building last night, and we managed to snag some pretty good seats for the event. As we were waiting, we peeped in and saw Nitro:licious in the building, as well as some other guests with FABULOUS outfits. There was some young lady in what looked to be a copy of a Herve Leger dress doing some hosting duties at the event. M.I.S.S. Ladies, tell us who it is!?!

The show started off with a bang with numerous all-white pieces to get the crowd going. You may be thinking “What? White after labor day?” but you must remember, in the fashion world we are always a year ahead, so this white is appropriate for the Spring/Summer of 2010.

The pieces alternated in mood, and the designer juxtaposed looks that are traditionally male (hats and bowties) with frilly, flouncy, flowery dresses. I loved the sequined menswear, along with the ruffled white skirts and playful sailor hats that are sure to get us in the mood next year for Fleet Week. One of my favorite dresses was the strapless orange number that looks like it would be perfect for any shape….all that detail in the mid-section is sure to hide any flaws one might have! In summary, we loved everything, albeit the lack of black – We love white, but would have loved to see a few more dark pieces, as these are very forgiving.

Check out Alexander Berardi’s previous seasons at http://www.houseofberardi.com/


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  1. Barbara says:

    Glad you were able to cover this event. The orange dress is great!


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