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M.I.S.S. MAGIC: UNIF Spring 2010



The moment I opened the website for UNIF and realized that UNIF is actually an acronym for Ur Not In Fashion, my heart soared. I love acronyms, almost as much as I love chocolate, but I guess it’s not really about me, is it? We got to check out their latest Spring 2010 collection at the Magic Tradeshow, and we like what we see.

Comprising of mens and women’s streetwear and Brian Lichtenberg collaborative tees, the new collection sees a nice little twist on the floral trend, with oversized singlets and tees to match. If you prefer to go the more classic route, black and white v-neck singlets were also featured with a little fringing sitting pretty on the shoulder.
 For the men we saw the old hoodie get a revamp – the shape and style a great reflection of the worn look seen in many Spring releases as of late.

I can see the ‘Expensive Shit’ Brian Lichtenberg tees creating a lot of interest depending on what your sense of humor is like. Sporting slogans like “Diorreah Ass” and “Georgio FARTmani, Eww De Toilet” – the t-shirts offer a blatant statement, poking fun at popular designers – all in good fun of course :)

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