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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Drink O.N.E. and You’ll Want Another

O.N.E. Water and Natural Juices

O.N.E. Water and Natural Juices

Spring 2010 collections weren’t the only debuts at New York Fashion Week, because a new line of water has also been introduced.  O.N.E. Water, the newest launch from juice company, One Natural Experience, is a water unlike any other.  We all know that water is one of the key ingredients for a healthy body, but how can a company make something so essential better than it already is?

First of all, its packaging design alone qualifies it to be a sponsor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Modern, groundbreaking fashion designs grace the runway, and now with the O.N.E Water packaging, innovative designs can go in our lunchbox.  The packaging isn’t the boring plastic bottle that we’re used to, instead, it’s a unique geometric “prisma” carton to set it apart from any other water.  The carton is made by Tetra Pak, and is a paper material made from leftover wood chips, a completely renewable resource.  Plus, the lightweight carton reduces carbon footprint because  it’s compact and shipping efficient.  Since it’s not made of plastic, you won’t have that disgusting plastic taste which soaks into your water after awhile, which actually isn’t only a nasty taste but also a nasty chemical.  Many plastic bottles contain BPA, or Bisphenol A, a chemical that has been linked to developmental problems and even cancer.  With O.N.E. Water, there’s no BPA, only all-natural packaging to keep your water fresh and cool.

If a water product that helps the planet and your health isn’t enough, this water can also help communities because 100% of the profits are donated to non-profits. To prevent dehydration, you should drink at least 8 full glasses a day, however, 1 in 6 people do not even have access to clean, safe drinking water.  Why should a company profit off of something that should be a fundamental human right?  O.N.E. recognizes that water is the gift of life, which is why the profits from sales go back into 10 different charities each year.  Choosing the charities each year is a democratic process, so vote now!  On top of that, the water itself is sourced sustainably from Canada, with no chemicals of any kind, just pure, natural spring water.  O.N.E. water not only looks good on the outside and tastes good on the inside, but it also helps you look good and feel good inside and out.

Since O.N.E. is first a juice company, you can expect high quality, natural juices in their inventory.  The dedication to sustainability isn’t only in the water, because O.N.E. also uses the same philosophy for their juices.  Their line of juices, Coconut Water, Amazon Açai, Cashew Fruit, and Coffee Fruit, all use parts of the plants that were otherwise considered waste.  By doing this, O.N.E. diverts trash and uses resources that can be given a new life, and give you a healthier life too!

Coconut Water, from young green coconut, is as fresh as you can get if you don’t live in the tropics.  It’s processed and packaged in the same day that the coconut is picked, and contains 100% coconut water with no preservatives, thanks to the Tetra Pak technology.  Coconut Water is the perfect sports beverage for an active body, as it contains more potassium than a banana and has the same level of electrolytes as human blood, making it a great alternative to Gatorade.  Coconut Water can also be beneficial after a workout, as potassium is an essential electrolyte that can help with sore muscles.  No worries if you’re prone to skipping the gym because Coconut Water is good for anyone.  Try it mixed with alcohol, or even, use it as a cure for a hangover!  For a healthier morning smoothie, blend it in with your favorite fruits.  It has just a hint of coconut flavor, which will make every sip have a taste of the tropics.

Açai, found in the Amazon Açai juice, comes from the hearts of palm in the Amazon.  Many juice bars offer açai in their menu, but now, you don’t have to make a trip to get a taste.  Known for being a superfood, açai has more antioxidant properties than pomegranates and blueberries, making it a great food to consume to prevent cancer and other diseases.  Because açai is a deep blue-purple, it can also help memory function and combat premature aging.

Cashews and coffee might be part of our diets already, and now, we can include the fruit too!  For a boost in the morning, skip the trip to the coffee shop and grab some Coffee Fruit juice instead.  Where coffee beans lose most of the nutrients during processing and roasting, the coffee fruit, the outer layer that shells the beans, still contains it all.  With as much caffeine as a cup of green tea, it will keep you perky without having to stand in long lines.  If you’re under the weather, some O.J. will help, but Cashew Fruit juice will help even more!  Cashew fruit contains five times more Vitamin C than an orange, making it give a nutritious boost to the immune system.  Plus, it’s packed with beta-carotene, an antioxidant that promotes healthy skin.  Allergic to cashews?  Don’t worry, because Cashew Fruit juice is non-allergenic.  Although the Cashew Fruit juice smells rather nutty, both juices have a sweet, tropical flavor that can’t be matched.  Skip the regular juice boxes, which usually contain artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup, and go for all natural juices that give your body essential nutrients in one natural experience that you’ll never forget.

To experience the natural flavors of O.N.E., visit a Whole Foods near you or try the store locator.  You can also shop online at Amazon to get discounts and free shipping, or sign up for a monthly subscription!  Wow, a juice subscription?!?!  Sounds like a good, healthy gift to me!

(On another note, it’s officially the end of summer.  Did you complete the Soda Free Summer challenge?  I encourage you to continue living soda-free, and now, you can add O.N.E. Water and juices to your list of goodies to keep you away from soda!)

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