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LA Gear is Back!

LA Gear is back thanks to Club Zonder Filter!

LA Gear is back thanks to Club Zonder Filter!

The year was 1992. I was almost 7. Sandboxes and snow-cones were part of my daily vocabulary. Clinton had just won the Whitehouse, and it was the holidays. Life was good. But it got even better when I unwrapped a Hanukkah gift box and found a pair of LA Lights, the light-up LA Gears so fly that I truly believe they’ve never been matched to this day! I strapped them on my little size 4 feet (ah, some things never change… literally, I still wear about the same size today!) and ran around terrorizing my little brothers with my infinitely superior ability to “light up”.

For some reason, the popularity of these shoes didn’t last till the end of the century and we all know that other ’90s brands, such as the dreaded Airwalks, took over the sneaker market. But I’ve always held a burning torch in my heart for the original LA Gears, waiting for them to make a comeback. Earlier this year, my prayers were answered when the sneaker brand teamed up with the ladies of Club Zonder Filter to release a revamped version of the “Stardust” model. The shoe was beyond beautiful and was soon selling big in stores across Europe, including the world-famous Patta and Colette. Since then, Club Zonder Filter was flooded with requests to retro other famous LA Gear models, but the ladies decided to go with a lesser known model–the Border Flower.

The Club Zonder Filter x LA Gear Collabo: The Border Flower

The Club Zonder Filter x LA Gear Collabo: The Border Flower

Getting its namesake from the perforated floral designs that are featured on the shoe’s side panel, the updated version will feature woven leather and studs, and will be released in white, red and black colorways.  Former LA Gear celebrity endorsers Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul inspired the retro-release’s look and feel, as did current kick-ass chicks M.I.A and Rye Rye.

Set to drop in stores across Europe in December, the shoe will retail for around 90 Euros. Even though it’s not the LA Lights of my childhood, I’m secretly hoping that when I unwrap my Hanukkah present this holiday season, the Club Zonder Filter Border Flower is inside!

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4 Responses to “LA Gear is Back!”

  1. Patrice says:

    Oooh the red ones.

    Was it ever cleared up if they meant up to Men’s or WOmen’s Sz 7 as far as the sizing info? Because I made I vow as a kid I was going to buy all the L.A. Gears I wanted, but Women’s 7 ain’t gonna cut it.

  2. Rachel T. rachie says:

    these are hotttt likee fire! the black pair McDroolll!

  3. artiffact artiffact says:

    Remember LA Gear gear? like the jeans and the jean jackets? I begged my mom to get me the acid washed cropped jacket with the gem buttons and fuzzy varsity-style appliques. For some reason, the fly way to wear it was to button the very last bottom button and hang it off of your shoulders like a shrug.

  4. Christina Moore says:

    I was a huge LA Gear fan back in the day! I thought I was the coolest kid in the world after my mom got me a pair of light up shoes. I don’t see these coming back into style anytime soon, but you never know.


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