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Hellz Bellz Super Secret Sneak Peak

Lanie of Hellz Bellz on Karma Loop TV

Lanie of Hellz Bellz on Karma Loop TV

Karmaloop TV has just given us another reason to love Hellz Bellz, not that we need it, with a super top secret look at their new collection.  In the video, Hellz Bellz’s Lanie Albanza-Barcena provides us with a tiny glimpse of part one Fall 09 women’s collection which is already available on Karmaloop, of course, and a few fleeting peaks at the Fall 2 and Holiday collections. Some of the best news she brings us includes a look at the upcoming collaboration with Vans and the beginnings of a men’s line. The Vans collab inspired by Lanie’s biker boots is helping to build Hellz Bellz as a lifestyle brand and not just another street wear line, much like their current collab with Reebok. The same can be said for the beginnings of their men’s line, which as of now only contains a few tees.

Lanie of Hellz Bellz on Karmaloop TV

Lanie of Hellz Bellz on Karmaloop TV

I’m super excited about the collections and the future of Hellz Bellz in general. The more hot clothes, shoes, accessories and what not they put out, the better we all look.

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4 Responses to “Hellz Bellz Super Secret Sneak Peak”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    Each collection she puts out is progressively sicker and sicker… the lady is dope!

  2. Tree Fairfax says:

    This collection is AMAZING

  3. Nicole says:

    I ♥ Miss Lawn.



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