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Fashion Meets Music: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga V Magazine

You know we had to go there. Everyone has covered Lady Gaga and we are no exception. What about her isn’t fashion? Her entire persona has been built up around the desire to provoke our curiosity and challenge what is “beautiful” through her elaborate ensembles that question reality, from the Kermit the Frog cape, nude body suits, and oh yes, those wigs. I first saw her perform a couple of years ago with long dark hair and a teeny tiny leather bra and panty set and thought, “who is this chick?”

Today, the same fearless energy is personified on stage, in interviews, and through photos of her parading around the world promoting her album, The Fame. It wasn’t until I saw one of her devotees, Fena Barbitall, a gorgeous performer from Boston, do “Poker Face” at Diva’s Nightclub in Northampton, MA, that I truly witnessed the reach that Lady Gaga has within the fashion subculture of drag queens. Fena’s performance was flawless and since then my appreciation for the “retro-sexual” phenomena has increased. After seeing her brave fashion statements and hearing in an interview that she loved David Bowie and 70’s glamour, I crossed over into Lady Gaga land. Once you can see beyond the surface of outlandish costume/fashion/makeup choices it is the music and her honesty that speaks to her fans. She is blatant with her vision and purpose and makes no excuses or apologies to which many can relate or aspire. When describing her album “The Fame”, she added

It’s really about intrinsic fame, penniless fame, camera-less fame. It’s about how even without money, you wear your artistry and your passion on your sleeve. That’s what I want people to take away from my album. (via channelnewsasia)

For this story I went back to the community in which Lady Gaga has been appointed to serve and protect. The venture took me back to Diva’s, famous for their weekly drag shows on Wednesdays. My host and dear friend, Bianca Dubois introduced me to performers Boots and Michael Avilango, all I had to do was simply mention Lady Gaga and they let me have it, giving me every piece of information and supporting love they had for her, dubbing her “the new Britney.” They also mentioned that her style and performance has influenced their stage show as of late.  A friend once told me that subcultures lead to movements and that movements are the ultimate freedom. Lady Gaga has made it her mission to blur the lines of what is considered mainstream beauty to bring this gender bending sense of confidence that is refreshing in the sea of pop stars.

Playgirls and Horror

Playgirls and Horror

Her influence on the current scene has really shaken up the game by combining couture style fashion mixed with her street sensibility and using pop culture as her muse. Currently she is obsessed with monsters and playgirls, we will have to wait and see what she comes up with next and if the photos from OUT Magazine are any indication then look out! Coming this fall she teams up with Cyndi Lauper for a VIVA Glam campaign with M.A.C Cosmetics. Lots of collaborating in the fashion world by Gaga, she will be performing at the Marc Jacobs afterparty during fashion week, Marc himself said that they are throwing it for her. She’s wearing Marc Jacobs clothes and peel off sunglasses in her latest editorial for V Magazine, the mag comes encased in plastic to assure that your electric blue or hot pink electrostatic shades are in tact.

The Lady is a vamp

The Lady is a vamp

Lady Gaga is nominated for nine MTV VMA’s this year leading the pop pack along with VMA vet, Beyonce, or will Sasha Fierce show up to play? Nominations include Video of the Year and Best Female Video. She is also set to perform. The VMA’s take place September 13th at locations around New York City as well as at Radio City Music Hall.

Lady Gaga and Kanye West will be on a joint tour this Fall.

Lady Gaga V Magazine

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