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Ecstatic About Style at Mos Def

Ecstatic About Mos Def

I hit The Beach at Governor’s Island on Sept. 12th to see Mos Def perform, and although I am losing my taste for live shows (the lines, the drunk beezys, the 5’2” vantage point, the expensive drinks), I can honestly say that I am extremely glad I didn’t punk out and miss this gig. The Mos is still Mighty!

Although I was one of the first guests to step off the Zephyr onto the island, as soon as the line to get in formed, the line disintegrated. The front became the back…you know the drill. There were three separate points to get through, and of course, the women’s security line went much more quickly – although I find it rather annoying that the women and men have to split up in order to get frisked. And this female security guard was not playing….there definitely was some unnecessary cuppage going on of the general chest area.

After catching a bit of Medina Green, and all of Jay Electronica (who smoked with the audience, and proclaimed “I’m not gonna rap, I’m just gonna act out an episode of True Blood”), there was a lag in the evening, so I took some pictures of some of the swanky outfits of the attendees. Outfit ideas! I caught an adorable “couple”, a sexy pair of BFFs, and also, model Kim Matulova (whom you may recognize as the oft-hired model from Missbehave).

Kim complimented me on my Mama track jacket (“Always a Lady”!) and compared her real crystal necklace to my bogus Urban Outfitters edition. She was super-sweet, and took the time to explain to me how she adores vintage duds and isn’t really into the fashion scene. Truthfully, it was hard to look in the eye, as she is so beautiful in person. It was quite disarming how friendly she was, and not for nuthin’, she was rapping the music word-for-word that was playing in between the live sets. Pretty damn cool! After she posed for M.I.S.S., she also talked of her own blogging endeavors, which you can check out at www.massgangsterglory.blogspot.com

As for Mos, he was amazing as usual. His band was very tight, and Mos started off his set in front of a set of drums. He led the band with stellar timing, and delivered his ecstatic rhymes with the true precision of a jazz musician. But I have no style pics of Mos, for as I mentioned, I have that 5’2” handicap……but I heard he was “dressed to the nines in suspenders and wing tips, sporting a healthy beard”.

Check back with M.I.S.S. in the future for more updates about what the kids are wearing these days!

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2 Responses to “Ecstatic About Style at Mos Def”

  1. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    Haha, sweet! I like this read.

  2. Justine says:

    Aw… I was/am still sad, I think his show got cancelled here. Your 5’2″ vantage point was exactly me at the GZA show. Good thing it was a small venue :)


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