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Wow – Thea Grant Jewelry

Thea Grant Jewelry

Thea Grant Jewelry

Each Thea Grant jewelry piece is a mix of new and old, combining 14k gold, brass and sterling silver with various materials to create one of a kind, eye catching pieces with effects being described as ‘rock’n’roll to pop to gothic to heirloom’.

Headed by Thea Grant and Nicolás Bazzani, a husband and wife team based out of Brooklyn, each piece is constructed whilst being draped over a mannequin, and consists of mainly vintage and antique charms, fobs, chains and pieces found whilst scouring through thrift, vintage and antique stores in New York.

I’ve always been one to swear against combining gold and silver jewelry together, but the Classics collection has got me thinking differently. Layered pieces using pearls, watch faces and antique keys, in seeing the collection it’s evident that Thea Grant has a background in creating costume jewelry for the runway.

The Navy Yard collection is almost the polar opposite of the Classics collection. Although a lot of the pieces definitely feature classic elements, necklaces in the Navy Yard collection are definitely statement pieces. The first to catch my eye is one necklace called ‘Big Clermont’ which is a loud splash of gold, emerald and silver – a piece I can imagine would have been constructed with brooches and pins.

Now who wouldn’t love a bracelet with mountain goat charms hanging from it? The Williamsburg collection features just that. A happy medium between the Classics and Navy Yard collections, you will be pleased to find necklaces and bracelets layered from antique chain, large charms and pearls. My favorite from this collection would be the North-9th necklace. A thick, short silver chain featuring a large gun charm hanging from it.

If you are in the market for some beautifully unique accessories I would definitely recommend to check out this Thea Grant jewelry. To view more collections or to make a purchase, head to the website.

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3 Responses to “Wow – Thea Grant Jewelry”

  1. Nicole says:

    WOW is right.

    I don’t even know where to begin.

    I love all of the multi-strand ones from the 1st & 4th Classics Collection& the 2nd of the Navy Collection.

    Sooo beautiful.

    Omgah. :)

  2. Sena Mclee says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! I love all things antiques, but in particular engagement rings.

  3. I am a of antique jewelry and I would not trade in the excitementof the hunt for that ultimate piece in my collection for anything.


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