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The Betsey Johnson Runway Experience

Betsey on the Runway

Betsey on the Runway

In light of yesterday’s Betsey Johnson post, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a taste of what Betsey’s shows were like back in the day. You will definitely not miss the signature “Betsey” theatrics in every video; in some of the shows the models dance wildly, in others, they perform as if they had actual roles in a play produced by BJ. Check out our favorites below, visit Betsey’s official Youtube page, or the page of videos on her website!

1980 Spring Fashion Show – Very risqué

1981 Fall Fashion Show – Pilot themes, and very reminiscent of the fashions of GAW in the movie Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (after Christina Applegate mixes it up, of course)

1982 Fall Fashion Show – In the American Thread Company building, with modern Geisha girl elements. Check out the outfits of the audience!

1984 Spring Fashion Show – There are like 8 plays going on here at the same time, complete with the haunting movie music. All I know is something goes down in the jungle!

1985 Fall Fashion Show – the clothes are super in this video, although the runway show looks like it was in a highschool gymnasium.

1993 Spring Fashion Show – Lulu is the opener.

1980 Spring Collection – Naughty and wet!

1980 Spring Collection from BJ on Vimeo.

1986 Spring Collection
– Kinda like a Kubrick film.

1986 Spring Collection from BJ on Vimeo.

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