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Rachel Nasvik Bags: An Affordable Style Staple

Rachel Navsik Handbags - your closet is calling for them!

Rachel Navsik Handbags - your closet is calling for them!

When you think of handbags that you’ll keep for the remainder of your life (or until you’re generous enough to pass on), images and thoughts of high-end designer satchels and totes are more than likely conjured. It’s not a bad thing, either – we totally understand that a Louis Vuitton or Chanel handbag are investments, pieces to be treasured by you and ogled by others. But, how would you feel if we told you that you could score a universally-flattering handbag at a recession-friendly price? Surprised? Warm inside? We thought so.

Rachel Nasvik bags are the answer to every recessionista’s prayer. During times of penny-pinching and budget cuts, who wants to spend their hard-earned paycheck on a trendy clutch that’ll be out of season within a month? Using fine Italian leather, the designs are the brainchild of Chicago native/New York transplant Nasvik, who studied at FIT. Lined in royal blue cotton, each bag evokes a sense of nostalgia – fitting since Nasvik takes her influences from ’70s fashion. With summer drawing to a close, you can get the most bang for your buck by scoring one of Nasvik’s handbags… and trust us, there’s plenty to choose from. With prices starting at $49 (peep the Ava bag, a wristlet with a detachable strap) and most hovering below the $300 mark, there’s no better chance to scoop up an accessory that’ll live happily in your closet for years to come.

Nasvik’s pieces exhibit the perfect marriage between retro detailing and modern glamour. A mustard bag can be tacky, but in Nasvik’s case it works effortlessly with the high-quality leather she’s chosen to use. One of our absolute favorites is the Phoebe Bag ($279). Sort of like an old-school doctor’s bag, the piece features a detachable strap and zip closure.

The Ava Bag and Phoebe Bag

The Ava Bag and Phoebe Bag

If versatility’s what you’re after, the Janice Bag should suit you perfectly. At $199, this convertible clutch can be worn as a smaller handbag (ideal for nighttime), or folds out to become a tote (when you’re running to class late after a fabulous night out). If you’re totally feeling the ’70s vibe like Nasvik, we’d recommend the Eleanor Bag ($99!) a “mini” that features a cross-body strap and gold chain. (We love that this bag makes us think of ’70s rollerskating rinks and Studio 54!) For the ladies heading to the office each morning, Nasvik stocks plenty of designs appropriate for the professional world. There’s definitely a fair share of hobos and totes to drool over!

So if you’ve been regretting never to shop for vintage in your grandmother’s closet, take advantage of the opportunity to cop one of Nasvik’s pieces now. Think of it as a 2-for-1 – you get the vintage flair, without the tacky detailing that can sometimes accompany it. For more information, visit the Rachel Nasvik official Web site, where you can purchase pieces or check out a local shop that carries the designs.

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