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Puma Cell Voltra Features New 10CELL Technology

Puma Cell Voltra With New 10CELL Technology

Puma Cell Voltra With New 10CELL Technology

I’m pretty new to running, but I learned early on what kind of shoe I like running in. I need something with lots of cushioning – a sole that makes me feel like I’m running on clouds. I tried a few running shoes that didn’t work out. From my ankle feeling wobbly to my hip aching after just a few miles, I knew that the right shoe eluded me.

In comes the Puma Cell Voltra with new 10CELL technology, which features “a full-length, responsive bubble divided into two cushioning zones by a center membrane. The bottom zone is more pliable to absorb impact, while the top layer is firmer to create more rebound.” In lay terms, this translates to the Cell Voltra being an incredibly comfortable running shoe. Its low profile and sleek design are not bulky at all, so it doesn’t feel like your feet are getting in your way.

I took the Cell Voltra’s out for a test run and felt like I finally found my running shoe. It’s lightweight, supportive, comfortable and responsive – all things you need in a good running shoe. I didn’t have any problems with my ankles, knees or hips and felt like I could go for a longer run in the Cell Voltra’s. It used to take a lot to get me motivated to run, but now that I found the right shoe, I look forward to it every morning.

You can purchase the Cell Voltra for $100 and they are available in several colors at FinishLine.

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