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Photo Of The Week: Winston by Tonya Silver

Winston by Tonya Silver

Winston by Tonya Silver

Where did you shoot this photo?

I shot this out in the boondocks of the Bayview of SF.

What were you thinking before you shot the photo?

I was thinking it was so ironic & awesome that my DJ model found a broken LP in the dirt. It was a classic R&B artist too, and I’m killing myself right now trying to remember… I wanted to capture the moment of finding it and was hoping he had the same feeling about it as I did.

What were you thinking after you shot the photo?

I was thinking that I appreciated that record and that moment way more than he did. I was hoping one of those shots looked ok, not too posed. I didn’t think he was feeling it like I was.

What’s interesting to you about this photo?

I thought it was fantastic to find a broken record from way back while photographing a current DJ at a spot I discovered listening to current DJ’s rip it like I’d never heard before.

What camera did you use?

I used my Canon 5D Mark II for this. Virgin shoot for this camera.


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