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Photo Of The Week: Martina by Angela DeCenzo

Martina by Angela DeCenzo

Martina by Angela DeCenzo

Where did you take the photo

Tildon Park in the Berkeley Hills.

What were you thinking before you took the picture?

How brilliant the stylist is! I didn’t get this outfit at all when it was hanging on the rack. The pants were especially hideous to me. But as soon as the model put the clothes on, I got it. Thank you Shauna!

What were you thinking after you took the picture?

How graceful the model’s body looks.

Whats interesting to you about this photo?

I love that I was able to incorporate on of my favorite cameras, the Land Camera. Also that model was able to pull the outfit off in an elegant yet playful way. And lastly, that it becomes less about the pants and more about her hat and shoes. As you can see, I was really concerned about those pants!

What camera did you use?

5D Mark II, a real workhorse- I love that camera.

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