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MTTM FALL 1 Has Arrived!

MTTM Fall 1 - 2

As the cooler seasons approach, you know it’s time to adjust the swag. Married To The Mob’s Fall 1 drop is a fine way to upgrade if you’re into a combination of sparkle and street. Fall 1 just may be MTTM’s best, with the talented Teyana Taylor showing off the MTTM goods like any young sassmaster would want to for this season. And it doesn’t hurt to see that the collection looks like an easy wear.

The “Spitzer” skirt we saw in the Summer ’09 collection is back revamped with more design details, in a darker black denim and a royal purple. The outerwear is already looking like the collections hits, ranging from a tomboyish pinstriped hoodie with MOBCREW embroidered across the chest, a cropped sweatshirt, a black all-over sequin jacket, and what looks like a hooded and sleeved variation of Spring 2’s Flight dress. MOB also hopped onto the gingham plaid pony with a shirt and dress in purple/blue and yellow/black colorways.

Whatever your style preference, there’s bound to be a piece or two in this collection to suit it. So don’t sleep on it! Take a look at the gallery below or on mobliving.com.

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One Response to “MTTM FALL 1 Has Arrived!”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    They are stepping their cut and sew game up…


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