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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Mint Hard popsicle external HDD perfect storage solution for those hot summer days

Who knew technology could look so delicious?

Who knew technology could look so delicious?

Let’s face it.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably too damn old to be running out the house and chasing down the ice cream truck everytime you hear that catchy jingle playing in the streets.  And who really wants to deal with Big Perm and a bunch of screaming kids anyway?  If you want to satisfy your craving for ice cream during the last of these hot summer days, why not take a closer look at Mint Hard from Korean design firm mintpass.

The name Mint Hard is derived from the Korean word for an ice cream bar (hard) and the hard in hard disk drive.  True to its name, the Mint Hard is an external hard drive made to resemble a delicious Korean ice cream bar.   The drive itself is the actual “ice cream” while the handle consists of a USB flash drive.  Store any data on the USB flash drive and save it for later.  Once it’s plugged in to the main drive, all that stored data is automatically transfered.

Mint Hard has three different “tastes” that not only correspond to the color of the drive but to the hard drive space as well.  Mint Hard Chocolate consists of a 120GB drive and an 8GB flash drive; Mint Hard Strawberry consists of an 80GB drive and a 4GB flash drive; and Mint Hard Vanilla consists of a 60GB drive and a 2GB flash drive.  Each drive is made out of high density plastic with a high gloss coating, so even if you decide to take a bite out of your hard drive (the summer heat will do that to you) you don’t have to worry about leaving any unsightly teeth marks.  Awww, how thoughtful.

The Mint Hard is sadly still in the concept stages, but it looks like if you head over to the mintpass site and tell them how much you love the idea they’ll actually make fantasy into a reality.

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