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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT Collection

Hello Kitty X Mimobot USB Drive

Hello Kitty X Mimobot USB Drive

It’s been 35 years since Ikuko Shimizu first put pen to paper and created the insanely adorable and globally loved Hello Kitty, and as part of HK’s 35th anniversary celebration parent company Sanrio has seen fit to place her familiar mug on just about every product imaginable.   T-shirts?  Check.  Gaudy, crystal clad, digital cameras?  You betcha!  Collectable plushies?  What anniversary would be complete without those?   One of the more interesting things to come about, though, is this collaboration with Mimico, famous for their line of MIMOBOT licensed and designer USB flash drives (remember that Princess Leia drive we gave away not too long ago?).  The two purveyors of super kawaii things are set to drop a line of Hello Kitty themed MIMOBOTs next month, with even more to come between then and Hello Kitty’s official birthday in November.  The drives will be available in sizes ranging from 2GB to 16GB.  No official word on pricing as of yet, but going by past MIMOBOT releases you can probably expect to shell out between $25-$50 depending on your drive size of choice.  Can you really put a price on Hello Kitty, though?

For those who think HK has gotten more than enough shine these past three decades, take heart in the fact that the collabo will eventually expand to include all of her slightly less well known but just as adorable friends: Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Kuromi, Keroppi, Chococat, and TuxedoSam.  All of these drives will come bundled with the mimoDesk™ personalization suite of SANRIO-themed wallpapers, screensavers, icons, and avatars, as well as videos and other digital surprises.

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One Response to “M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT Collection”

  1. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    i love mimobots!!! and hello kitty rulez. i need one. there is a store in philly, Omoi, that sells a slew of these.


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