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M.I.S.S. Paper Dolls: Week 14


class is in session!

chill everyday (school) get up with the necessities to feed a M.I.S.S. appetite in touch with the arts, fashion, and know-its of the world

– Leilanie


Jeepers Creepers

By Randi Hernandez

The freaks come out at night! For this set, I was inspired by “nightlife”… except it is the kind you DON’T want to be a part of!


Let it out so it can breathe...

Shakira’s “She-Wolf” is like my anthem right now and this wardrobe makes me think FEMALE DOMINANCE!!! I love the colours black, red, silver, and gold so I tried my best to work with that. Nighttime is the best for my loba! And you can’t forget the hoopz.

Isis Nicole


i left my heart in san francisco...

My wardrobe/style is all over the place – neon, Vans, vintage, animal t-shirts galore, and of course plenty of gold…I love it all. I do live in the Mission after all 😉

This look reflects my current scholastic mindset, as I cling to the last vestiges of summer; comfort for the long days at school and prepared for the at times unpredictable San Francisco weather. Classic with some eclectic elements.

Susannah Frances Magers


A BAD birthday

Who’s throwing a birthday party for the King of Pop? I’ll be there if I can make a Thriller jacket, for myself, this time.

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