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LeSportsac Launches Tomokazu Matsuyama’s First Artist in Residence Line

LeSportsac Artist in Residence Tomokazu Matsuyama 'Splash' Line

LeSportsac Artist in Residence Tomokazu Matsuyama 'Splash' Line

LeSportsac continues their 35th Anniversary celebration by presenting the latest offerings from the Artist in Residence collection. The third collection in the series features the work of Japanese-American artist Tomokazu Matsuyama, who encourages viewers to confront the “natural chaos” of the social environment. What better way to explore this than through a functional, yet highly artistic LeSportsac bag?

Matsuyama’s first pattern, entitled Splash, is available in six styles, ranging from the snack sac, field trip duffle, tag and go satchel, window shopper tote, nap sac and runaway duffle. The nap sac is a new addition to the line, and is a tad bit smaller than the sleepaway backpack that Fifi Lapin and B Free previously adapted for the Artist in Residence line. I have developed a fancy for the shopper tote, as it is big enough to carry around all the essentials, a book or magazine for reading on the bus or subway and still have room to grab last minute sundries at the market without looking too obvious.

Matsuyama was raised in both the U.S. and Japan and this cross-cultural heritage deeply affected his view of the world. Matsuyama questions national and individual identity in his art, resulting in a cultural study of the mixed heritage experience. His work is fittingly a mix of modern and reinterpreted Edo period imagery, a blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics that he hopes is a “patchwork of a controlled chaos trying to evolve into something close to cosmopolitan, yet not so idealized.”

Splash is the first of three patterns Matsuyama has created for LeSportsac. The two other patters, Gingham and Numbers, will be released in September and October respectively. The Splash products can be purchased online at or at any LeSportsac Boutique.

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