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Keep A Breast x Pony Article in Sneaker Freaker

Keep A Breast x Pony

Keep A Breast x Pony

Sneaker Freaker, your destination for all sneaker related news, snagged an interview with Keep a Breast’s Shaney Jo Darden, promoting their new campaign for breast cancer prevention, as well as one with talented Pepa Prieto, the artist behind the color clad shoes, which are the “faces”, so to speak, of the campaign.

Now what’s a great way to inform the youth about breast cancer, as it’s the one of the leading causes of death in women? Through sick sneakers of course! Keep A Breast is a non-profit organization, and has teamed up with the sneaker fashion house Pony to create a collection of sneakers to spread this vital message: Check yourself!

The organization plans to reduce those daunting stats by teaching the youth about breast cancer prevention and ways to live a healthier lifestyle, while of course, promoting monthly self-examinations through attractive and creative ways. In fact, there is a video on the Keep A Breast website demonstrating how exactly to do so. If you’re not yet sold, the Gym Class Heroes are part of the montage!

Keep A Breast x Pony

Keep A Breast x Pony

The shoes range from $50 to $75, and three dollars of each sale goes towards Keep A Breast. They are available at Finish Line stores.

Check out the article on Sneaker Freaker, and then go buy some shoes and support a good cause over on the Finish Line web store!

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