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Jelly NYC: Girl Talk

Jelly NYC: Girl Talk

Jelly NYC: Girl Talk

There was a huge line last Sunday at 90 Kent Avenue for the second-to-last installment of Jelly NYC – the series of free outdoor concerts described as pool parties in Willyburg, Brooklyn – but it moved quickly. Upon entering the park, there was an intense game of dodgeball going on to the left of the field, the stage was far right, and the beer tents were to the far left. Good setup. Forgoing the dodgeball (too many bad memories), I headed straight for the beer/wine tents as Wiz Khalifa prepared to perform.

Wiz K. was just O.K., they were not memorable at all in my opinion. The party really started when Max Tundra came onstage though….I knew nothing about him before the gig, so seeing him perform was QUITE a treat. He is a balding, approximately 5-foot tall man from England, and when he came out he was wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and faded jeans. The music came on, music which sounded like electropop – and then the dancing began. HILARIOUS!! Max Tundra (nee Ben Jacobs) dances like he is having a seizure. Fist pumps, inappropriately timed leg kicks, and head bobs galore. When he sings in his shaky falsetto, he reaches out to the audience as if he were in a musical,, singing the finale song. In terms of the music, M.I.S.S. Gee and I could not decide if he was completely horrible or absolutely brilliant. The music seemed complex enough, more complex than a poor musician would make – but it was not necessarily pleasing to the ear at the same time. I felt somewhat bad for the little nugget, as the audience was barely moving throughout his whole set. I can say this: He was very, very entertaining.

Once Girl Talk went on, the crowd went totally bonkers. He mixed Outkast, Notorious B.I.G., and a bunch of 80’s songs together for a virtual mixed bag of treats. If you have never heard of Girl Talk, he is a DJ that relies on Fair Use to make his unauthorized remixes. He specializes in mash-ups and digital sampling, and all of his “remixes” contain less than a minute of each song most of the time. Thus, he creates a master mix of recognizable hits squished together in an interesting way. This is phenomenal for our nation of ADD twenty-somethings, and as soon as Greg Gillis AKA Girl Talk gets onstage, time flies. In essence, it feels like one long MP3 of heaven.

The rest of the afternoon was pure bliss, despite the light rain and the short time of silence from the equipment caused by the unexpected rain. But hipsters are the new hippies, so their concerts are never ruined by a bit of precipitation. Roaming the V.I.P. area was Ashley Olsen (in a red turban, smoking cigs, and NOT eating the free food), her boyfriend, actor Justin Bartha, DJ Dances with White Girls, and Ninjasonik. Plus, the M.I.S.S. ladies were blessed with some hot-ass Converse Jams at the Converse tent. But I’m not bragging; you can get some 4 cheap on sale here at the Converse website.

The next and LAST Jelly NYC concert of the summer on the Brooklyn waterfront is this Sunday, featuring Grizzly Bear, Beach House, and Vega. Check it out and end this summer with a bang! The forecast calls for rain on Sunday, so just make sure to bring an umbrella – and your dancin’ shoes.

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  1. Gee Gee says:

    Yo, I’ve had time to think about it and… Tundra is kinda BRILLIANT! Don’t sleep on his dance moves!


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