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Get Your Mackage On for Fall/Winter 2009

Mackage Fall/Winter 2009

Mackage Fall/Winter 2009

The Mack-Daddy of outerwear, Mackage, is making it easy to be over this summer. The fine, “butta leathas” will do that to a girl. Just like their previous raincoat line, the jackets are still “Detailed to Perfection.”

The designers site their inspiration as “opposing elements” noting that their pieces are all about the juxtaposition of light and dark, matte and shiny, and even masculine and feminine. Personally, I like the pairing of the modern jackets and with the anachronistic styling of the characters – characters that seem to be on their way to Paul Revere’s house. While they listen to the Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere”. It’s that kind of party.

Personal favorites include the belted, side-zippered coat similar to the Hope coat we featured a while back, the belted leather/wool blazer number worn by “Kate”, and the short leather jacket with the pull-through bow at the neck. This last little bow number is just like the hooded, leather zip-ups you see everywhere, but it’s so Daddy-Mackage, everyone will know you are wearing a designer. And to replace the hood you’re used to, grab one of those old-fashioned hats as the weather cools down and ride that subway like you mean it. Just leave the pistol at home, ladies.

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One Response to “Get Your Mackage On for Fall/Winter 2009”

  1. Barbara says:

    Good coat, good shoes, good bag…my mantra


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