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FW09 Jewelry Collection By Chris Habana

Chris Habana FW09

Chris Habana FW09

If you haven’t come across the jewelry and accessories of Chris Habana you need to check out the work he’s put out for his FW09 collection. Named one of Gen Art’s “fresh faces” in 2004, Chris Habana has been creating jewelry that’s rebellious but not to be taken seriously. His approach to his craft is playful, creating contradictions through the combination of juxtaposing elements like light and dark, goth and pop.

The FW09 collection includes pieces from previous collections along with new laser cut pendents and cuffs, new hats, and pins.  Some of the pieces give you something to read rather than just to look at. Habana’s use of words are often a throwback to 70s, 80s, or 90s slang (which you’ll find on the hats that read “Rad,” “Snap,” and “Work!”) or simple phrases that evoke a bit of curiosity about the wearer from the eyes of the beholder. For this season, Habana sticks to silver and black to play up the light and dark motif. His more colorful designs can be found in previous collections and in his recent collaboration with A.ok by OAK.

The collaboration is a five piece collection featuring necklaces and earrings that pay tribute to pop artists Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Boy George and New Kids On The Block, with each piece inspired by something synonymous to each artist.

Chris Habana x A.ok

Chris Habana x A.ok

Chris Habana’s work knows no boundaries in terms of which sex can wear what. His line is for all, erasing the line between jewelry for her and jewelry for him. To check out the rest of the FW09 collection view the gallery below. To shop, view the Chris Habana stockists.

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4 Responses to “FW09 Jewelry Collection By Chris Habana”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    Hanging Tough!!! Brilliant…

  2. There goes all my money… I def. have to get Miss U Much

  3. so how come I can’t find the MJ glove? sold out already?

  4. RLNC RLNC says:

    Hey Randi, it’s not sold out. The MJ necklace is sold through Oaknyc


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