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Freestyle Explosion

Freestyle Explosion: Cover Girls

Freestyle Explosion: Cover Girls

MOViN 99.7’s Freestyle Explosion ’09 on July 24th (San Jose Civic Auditorium) was just that—an explosion of old school artists that brought back nothing but freestyle classics! With the line-up consisting of Debbie Deb, Shannon, Lisa Lisa, The Cover Girls, Exposé, and Stevie B, a freestyle fan’s heart was sure to skip a beat!

Most memorable was when Shannon came out with a big afro and roller blades and her back-up dancers were none other than San Francisco’s finest, “Hung Dynasty”.

The Cover Girls gave a very lady-like burlesque show and headliner Stevie B pleased everyone’s wants, ending the show with his hit “Spring Love”.

Wish you were there?! Check out the video from the show below, along with lots more pics below!

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