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Fashion Meets Music: The King of Pop – Michael Jackson

Fashion Meets Music: The King of Pop - Michael Jackson

Fashion Meets Music: The King of Pop - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the master of visually branding himself. The sparkling military jackets, aviator shades, tight skinny pants, white socks with black loafers, fedoras, and gloves; all signature Jackson.  He may not have been the first to ever wear these items but it was how Michael wore them, mixed it up, and defined his style in our history that set him apart. Before his passing Michael was already a living icon with the best selling album of all time with 1982’s Thriller. Soon he had the kids in the streets donning red leather jackets while his mass appeal has been linked to sparking trends on the runway. Michael’s style of performance set the bar for the artists of today like Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, and Jaime Foxx. Even the ladies have incorporated his style of dress, theatrics, and elaborate dance routines into their sets. It was as though Michael created this universal persona, something that couldn’t be defined, but could translate across gender, age, and even time. This past weekend saw much reflection from the entertainment community with tributes and retrospectives. Our lookbook is a representation of some iconic looks and how they have resonated with the fashion of today.

Michael’s legendary outfits are currently on display at the Grammy Museum in downtown LA.

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  1. artiffact artiffact says:

    Thankfully, Michael is my daughter’s fashion inspiration. I’d rather it be him than Hannah Montana! Catch her rockin’ fedoras and loafers on any given day. We’re still looking for that perfect glove…if anyone knows where to get one, please share!


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