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Fashion Meets Music: Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” Video

Fashion Meets Music: Jay-Z's "Run This Town" Video

Fashion Meets Music: Jay-Z's "Run This Town" Video

“Run This Town” the latest single off of Jay-Z’s highly anticipated Blueprint 3 album features Rihanna and Kanye West and it’s amazing. Director Anthony Mandler sets up an urban turf war-themed video, which gives us a cast of style warriors battling the scene and emerging sartorially victorious. Rihanna struts to center frame at the beginning of the video, looking fierce in a military-style hooded dress with mask over her face setting the underlying tension before Jay can even say “chyea.”

Jay-Z described this video as “evolution and the progress” and the fashion that the group showcases is a sophisticated selection of grown over collared jackets and hoods draped in what else but ammunition. He raps, “And ain’t nobody fresher/I’m in Maison/Ah!/Martin Margiela.” Margiela, the designer known for being a master of deconstruction and complex collections being referenced in a hip hop song? Perhaps Beyonce’s venture in the world of avant garde fashion is rubbing off on Hov?

But the real standout, naturally, is our girl Rihanna: the fur vest, leather hot pants, over-the-knee boots, and those sunglasses! Yes, diva! Her tight fitting jacket, skirt and beret combo is reminds me of a look from the Hussein Chayalan spring 09 collection, a cutting edge designer known for his use of fabric and technology. The sunglasses covered in black matte pyramid studs is from a-morir by kerin rose, a designer based in NYC (and official M.I.S.S. Woman Making History), and Rihanna has been spotted sporting her Love/Hate shades around the city lately. Loving the wild hair and dominating red lipstick. Get ’em!

Jay-z, Rihanna, and Kanye West are set to perform on The Jay Leno show which premieres September 14th at 10 p.m.

The Blueprint 3 available in stores and online 9.11.09.

Tracklisting for the Blueprint 3

1. What We Talking About (Produced by Kanye West)

2. D.O.A. (Produced by No I.D.)

3. Weigh Me Down Feat. Kid Cudi (Produced by Kanye West)

4. Unforgiven (Produced by Kanye West, Additional Production : MGMT)

5. Run This Town Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West (Produced by Kanye West)

6. Empire State Of Mind Feat. Nas (Produced by Kanye West & No I.D.)

7. When It Comes To This (Produced by Timbaland)

8. Always Feat. Drake (Produced by Kanye West)

9. Scenes From The Past (Produced by No I.D., Co-produced by Kanye West)

10. Everyday A Star Is Born Feat. Mr. Hudson (Produced by Kanye West)

11. Already Home (Produced by Kanye West)

12. Forever Young (Feat. Mr. Hudson, Produced by Kanye West)

13. Thank You (Produced by No I.D.)

Bonus Tracks :

14. Sound Of The 70s (Produced by Kanye West)

15. We Made History (Produced by Kanye West)

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One Response to “Fashion Meets Music: Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” Video”

  1. gracki says:

    i’ll be honest with you, i questioned this video for the first 15 seconds- but when the beat starts to creep in and you cant helped but get hyped. i even got hyped reading this. oved this post and look forward to more fashion in music articles. big ups miss jenessa.

    “Rihanna struts to center frame at the beginning of the video, looking fierce in a military-style hooded dress with mask over her face setting the underlying tension before Jay can even say “chyea.”
    -love this line


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