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Putting A Spell On You: Witches Holiday 09

Witches Holiday 09

Witches Holiday 09

With the vampire mania that’s taken a hold lately (cough cough Edward Cullen cough cough), it’s only a natural progression that witches are on the horizon to be the next big craze. Even if they’re not primed to take over the mainstream media, it doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the wicked style that has accompanied our perception of witches for the past few centuries.

Forget your preconceived notion that witches dress in unfashionable  floor-length gowns with pointy hats – that image may have depicted them long ago, but it’s the 21st century and since then demon-wear has made a few strides, even foraying into… dare we say… the fashion-forward arena? That’s right folks, you heard on M.I.S.S. first – feast your eyes on the Witches Fall/Holiday 2009 collection, complete with lace-detailed leggings and black velvet pieces that will have you embracing your inner goblin.

Witches Holiday 09

Witches Holiday 09 collection lace-detailed leggings. Peep the Crucifix!

Amongst Witches forthcoming collection, you’ll find lace-detailed leggings (peep the Crucifix legging) as well as high-waisted leggings – a unique twist on the article of clothing that’s become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe lately. Another M.I.S.S. fave is the the velvet suspender dress – we’re crushing on it not only ’cause we love the use of the fabric (velvet – so underrated!), but the design is a classic one that’s due to make a reappearance – in our opinion, anyways.

Witches Holiday 09

A lace detail is ever-so-ladylike!

One element of Witches’ clothing we’re loving is the use of unusual (yet classic) materials, particularly lace and velvet. A lace detail is ever-so-ladylike, but we especially appreciate when designers can do more with the fabric than just utiziling it for the usual pieces. Adding bits of lace here and there, as a detail to a piece, creates a larger impact than merely draping it across a mannequin’s torso… Which is why we’re adoring Witches lace-accented dresses and leggings. When it comes to velvet, we’re loving the cloaks made of the fabric: not only is Witches reintroducing the age-old fabric, they’re doing so in a classic design that’s bound to catch anyone’s attention!

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  1. Nikki says:

    will we be notified for when this collection drops and where to cop?


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