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Villains & Vagabonds: Tough Chicks Meet Grungy Chic

Villians & Vagabonds

Villians & Vagabonds

Don’t you ever have those days when you’d rather throw on a graphic tee and your favorite pair of jeans than think of putting together a working outfit, accessories and all? And perhaps you want said T-shirt to have an edgy, tough-chick vibe. Or maybe you’re looking for clothes that, while simple, can still make you stand out from the plain, solid color V-necked crowd. Look no further, ladies. (Not really, of course.) Villains & Vagabonds is here to help.

This new line by Nicholas Burgess has come out with a bang. Literally. The dear and classic T-shirt has been revamped, grunge à la mode, with screen prints covering the entire front of the shirt, and some styles with prints extending to the back. These graphics are mainly of arms – and I don’t mean the appendage type. I’m talking about those of fire: Magnums, Berettas, Desert Eagles, AK-47s. What’s more is that a majority of these guns are clutched by intense-looking girls. You want edgy? You got it.

Villians & Vagabonds

Villians & Vagabonds

Some other designs include more grungy twists on classics. Distressed buffalo plaid, distorted animal prints, and even an “I heart LA” one composed of knives, guns, and bullets. If you’re in a cooler area, they even make sweatshirts adorned with the logo as the crest in front and a graphic on the back.

What else is great about V&V? There’s also a men’s line, so you can get one for your guy or friends if this isn’t your style, or if you want to match. Be sure to check out Villains & Vagabond’s Web site, which includes an online store and a blog.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks for putting me up on Villains & Vagabonds.

    Their shirts are hella dope!


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