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The Goods!: Urban Cowgirl. Western Ankle Booties Of The 90’s

Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Western Ankle Booties Of The 90's

The Goods!: Urban Cowgirl. Western Ankle Booties Of The 90's

I have had a love for these kooky little shoes for sometime. I’m not a huge fan of traditional cowboy, er, uh, “cowgirl” boots but something about these cut-down versions get my heart in a tangle! Part cowgirl, part loafer, a little rockabilly…something for us “Urban Cowgirls”. Paired with high waist, tapered at the ankle trousers, skinny jeans, a skirt and tights or dress you can work these into your life in a million ways. I know some of you ladies have been keen to these for sometime but I’m campaigning for an all out, full blown fashion frenzy! Who’s with me?

1. Brand unknown, sz., 8.5, Marlatumour, $34

2. Sabreé, sz. 8, Rocky Mountain Retro, $55

3. Nine West, sz. 7/7/5, The Goods! at Marmalade Vintage, $95

4. Capezio, sz. 7, 20Twenty Vintage, $36

5. Vintage Nine West, sz. 8, Linden Lane Clothing, $49.95

6. Leather Craft, sz. 10, Rocky Mountain Retro, $52

7. Mooties Tooties, sz. 7.5, Blue Butterfly Vintage $19.99

8. Mooties Tooties, sz. 8.5, AdVintageous $26

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