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Sula Paint & Peel Nail Polish

Sula Paint & Peel Nail polish

Ladies, remember the days when you were a little girl and you started doing make-overs, playing with make-up and painting your nails with that child-friendly peelable nail polish? Well you might still be doing the first two but who knew their was a company that made peelable nail polish in colors other than the barbie pink and my little pony purple you grew up with? Sula is the name and non-toxic products is their game. Sula’s trademark “Paint & Peel” nail polish line uses a non-toxic water-based formula that’s free of toxic chemical compounds formaldehyde, toluene, phthalate. Unlike most nail polish on the market, Sula’s “Paint & Pell” polish isn’t meant to last forever. Instead, it’s more like make-up for your nails; changing nail polish made as easy as changing lip gloss.

There are 17 fun colors altogether to suit your every mood plus a Permanent top coat and Metallic top and base coat incase you want a longer lasting wear. You can check out and shop the line here.

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