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Slane&Slane This Summer!

Slane&Slane 2009

Slane&Slane 2009

Heath and Landon Slane greet you all with the summer collection of their banging jewelry line Slane&Slane!

In 1995, the Slane sisters consolidated their passion for art and their desire to create upscale designer sterling silver with the same finesse and intricacy oftentimes reserved to gold and platinum, and have garnered many fans across the US as well as Canada. Despite their devotion to silver, Slane&Slane still cater to the needs of die-hard gold lovers and semi-precious stone enthusiasts, carrying several pieces in matted gold not to mention bejeweled cocktail rings, earrings and pendants.

Slane&Slane 2009

Slane&Slane make heirlooms that are sure to stand the test of time.

Over 14 years, they have created 25 collections, which have ornamented the pages of Vogue, In Style and Bazaar among other magazines. Opulent pendants, pearls, antique inspired rings decorated with a royal bee, peek-a-boo oranges and sea blues amongst the sea of silver and gold are a few things to be expected. Hand-casted and finished by hand, they can be casual, or fancy, while remaining utterly feminine.

Slane&Slane is rooted in mythology, spirituality and a love of animals and classic architecture; one can tell from the names of their collections: Alexandria, Column, Grace and Lion to name a few.

Although they are priced as expensive as they look, they are well worth it! These pieces are classic while remaining fresh and au courant. Timeless, they make perfect heirlooms and are sure to stand the test of time.

You can purchase Slane&Slane jewelry at the Neiman Marcus online store or find their closest retailer near you!

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