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Print Factor Plumage


What would happen if Pocahontas became an aficionado of rock and roll? She would be rocking some Print Factor Plumage, that’s what! PFP is a do it yourself one woman accessory-house that seems to be very fond of feathers and can tabs. The brain behind these creations, Piper, nicknamed Pipes, hosts her post-apocalyptic, Native Indian themed jewelry on Etsy shop for all to enjoy.

The meshing of a feather’s softness with the rigidity of metals and skull heads could be seen as paradoxical, but it just works! The jewelry is handmade, and induces fingers to move toward the nearest credit card in sight. Once a mere peruser of Etsy, this line prompted me to create an Etsy account in the hopes of purchasing their spray-painted gold can tabs bracelet, but then I had a look at my bank statement and reconsidered…but that’s just me and my current state: broke! Piper’s goodies are reasonably priced (between $15 to $60), and the shipping fee is minimal.


From earrings to headbands, these pieces are oozing creative juices. Miss-matched earrings will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Adept with a can of spray paint, Pipes lavishes her feathers in bright colors of red, blue, orange, gold, and other colors of the rainbow turning all of her creations when worn into la piece de resistance of your every outfit!


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  1. Dee Dee says:

    omg these are fab!


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