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Photo of the Week: Sicily by OHW2007

Photo of the Week: Sicily by OHW2007

Photo of the Week: Sicily by OHW2007

Where did you take this photo?

This is an oldie taken in Sicily while on vacation. Romitello is in Borgetto which is about 20 minutes outside of Palermo.

What were you think before you took the photo?

I really dig street signs in foreign countries. Something about basic communication through symbols, colors and the selection of fonts. If I remember correctly, the light and the shade were kinda funky and we were stopped at an intersection, so I was hoping that shutter speed and ISO were correct because I only had a few seconds to get the shot.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

I was just stoked to be driving around Sicily with the windows open without a care in the world.

What’s interesting about this photo to you?

A bunch of things, the street signs, the plant life, the colors, etc. Oh, and Santaurio Romitello is the craziest church I’ve been to. 5 minutes and I had to skip out. Pretty heavy. If you’ve been there, you know the deal.

What camera did you use?

Same old, same old. Canon XTI with the Tameron wide.

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Week: Sicily by OHW2007”

  1. NICE! I love the colors!

  2. OHW2007 OHW says:

    Thanks amanda. Appreciate the kind words


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