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Photo Of The Week – Morningside Park by Amanda Lopez

Morningside Park by Amanda Lopez

Morningside Park, by Amanda Lopez

Where did you take the photo?

The photo was shot in Harlem at Morningside Park June 2009

What were you thinking before you shot the pic?

The photo was shot as part of a photo booth that was set up during the Female Sneaker Fiend bbq in NY. I was walking around the bbq searching for subjects to photograph when I spotted the group of gal pals. Their outfits, kicks and expressions where perfect. I had to get them on film.

What were you thinking after you shot the pic?

Unlike digital photography, you never really know what you get when you shoot film until you develop the roll so I just hoped I got a solid picture of the girls.

What’s interesting?

I think the girls look cool. The way they’re dressed to the expressions on their faces, I think it all works.

Camera used?

Taken with my contaxt T3

This photo is part of  a Female Sneaker Fiend book project entitled “Girls Got Kicks”

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