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OBEY Fall 2009 Collection Exhibits Comfort, Versatility

OBEY Fall 2009: Versatility and Comfort Reign

OBEY Fall 2009: Versatility and Comfort Reign

In today’s horrific economy, a woman’s wardrobe is all about versatility. We each need pieces that can be transformed into a unique outfit with different accessories, ensuring we get the most bang for our buck without sacrificing any style element we would otherwise value if funds weren’t tight. Even if you’re not penny-pinching these days, fashion is all about creativity and reinvention. Thus, we each need staple pieces in our closets that we can run to in a fashion emergency, ones that are timeless and that many would refer to as our “go-to’s.”

Ladies, you’ve met your match. A few weeks ago, M.I.S.S. gave you a little (albeit delicious) taste of what OBEY has coming at you this Fall. We hope you’re ready, because OBEY’s full autumn look book is out, and the results are nothing short of fabulous. For the upcoming season, OBEY incorporates trendy details into its pieces, while simultaneously pairing them with classic staples that every woman should own. (For instance, a perfect-fitting peacoat, in lieu of those ill-fitting puffy jackets you wore in middle school.)

Destroyed denim and chunky knits are ideal autumn pieces

Destroyed denim and chunky knits are ideal autumn pieces

One overarching theme of the collection we noticed was comfort. From OBEY’s destroyed jeans to slouchy tweed pants, these pieces are perfect for any ladies on-the-go. (A union of style and comfort that’s still chic… finally!) Also making an appearance in the collection are boyfriend jeans, a trend that’s managed to stay hot on the streets and in Hollywood. For the cooler autumn-esque days, OBEY rolls out a few chunky knights that we would pair perfectly with a fireplace and a mug of steaming hot chocolate. (OK, a little bit more winter than fall, but you get the idea.) Plaid shirts and denim shorts are also available, and paired together they make for the ideal lazy-day-yet-still-chic getup.

Like you saw in M.I.S.S.’s OBEY preview a little while back, you can also scoop up stylish shirt dresses and breezy skirts that are fab transition pieces for the weather when the summer heat starts to fade but fall hasn’t fully set in. In true OBEY style, you’ll have your fair pick of slouchy tees that can be worn with your favorite pair of denim or dressed up with an OBEY skirt for a night out.

We know we just threw a lot at ya, so for more information check out the OBEY Web site and online store. We never thought we’d say this, but these pieces will have you craving some cooler weather.

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  1. Gee Gee says:

    So in love with this collection, cannot wait until August/Sept for this to drop!


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