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New From AZFN: Laugh Cry Repeat Fall ’09

Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN 1

Design duo Anzevino & Florence (AZFN) have a new line of casual clothing called “Laugh Cry Repeat” that’s no fuss and all about comfort. Imagine Pierre Cardin and Rick Owens got together to make clothes a woman can run errands in without having to don unsightly sweats or a track suit of any sort and you would get the Fall 2009 collection of Laugh Cry Repeat.

The pieces are mostly made of 100% cotton with the occasional silk, sateen, viscose or modal french terry blend. All of which make for comfortable, breathable, easy to maintain clothing. The collection ranges from draped tops, tanks and dresses with cut-outs or ruffles, versatile coats and jackets, and fun screen printed tees with original art from Anzevino & Florence themselves.

Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN 7

Upside Down Coat - 100% cotton / $74

The collection features great design but the big bonus is the price tag. The most expensive item is a $74 jacket that can be worn upside down (and you wouldn’t look like a crazy person that can’t dress). Check out the gallery to view the entire collection.

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