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Moncler Gamme Rouge RTW Fall ’09

Moncler Gamme Rouge RTW Fall '09

Moncler Gamme Rouge RTW Fall '09

I love a good puffer jacket. If it were socially acceptable I’d wear puffer head to toe: puffer jacket, puffer pants, maybe even a little puffer hat if it was particularly cold. So if there were a few more zeros in my paycheck I would start thinking about indulging in this fantasy courtesy of the Moncler Gamme Rouge RTW Fall 09 Collection.

Drawing inspiration from Saint Petersburg’s Winter Palace and the film Russian Ark, designer Giambattista Valli presents us with a theatrical range of coats, jackets, and evening dresses.

Putting a twist on the famous Moncler down-filled jackets, pieces are cinched at the waist or rounded into an egg shape, while the coats are more structured with emphasised shoulders and collars – all embellished with jewels, embroidery, and fur trims. But the most impressive would have to be the romantic ball gowns – down jackets paired with dramatic, sweeping skirts and trains push the envelope a little further in redefining the humble puffer!

Source: WWD

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